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The most obvious indication that somebody is counting is that they make a substantial increase in bet size after a lot of small cards leave the table. Although the greater the factor by which you can increase your bet the greater your odds of winning, more than doubling your last bet is a fast way to arouse "heat"from the dealer and pit boss. When Do I Bet High? - Blackjack and Card Counting Forums As a general rule your minimum bet should be as small as possible and your max bet should be around 1% of your bankroll. With a $1,000 bankroll your max bet shouldn’t be much higher than $10. Since a shoe game usually requires at least a 1-8 spread with Wonging (or 1-12 for play-all) your minimum bet should be $1.25 (less than $1 for play-all). When to bet and increase bets when counting : blackjack When to bet and increase bets when counting (self.blackjack) submitted 2 years ago by I_Zeig_I I've found a bunch of guides on how to count (hi-low) and am learning fast but I can't find anything about at what count to bet or increase bets. When To Increase Your Bet In Blackjack

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How to Win at Blackjack - Winning Tips for Playing Blackjack It is smart to form your own betting style. This means figuring out how much you can afford to gamble and when you increase and decrease your wagers.

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You don’t always have to double your bet to double down, you can wager less than you did on your original hand. So if you’re playing $25 a hand blackjack, you can double down for a lesser amount, although it’s advisable to stick with doubling your bet to increase your gains. Blackjack Money Management – Bankroll & Bets Some betting methods, like the Up and Pull, can greatly increase your odds for success. There are others, however, that should be avoided at all costs. Among these are any methods which call for you to double the amount of a losing bet on the next hand. Here’s an example. You bet one unit on your first hand at the blackjack table and lose. How to bet in Blackjack - Win the Bet So, depending on your bankroll, you will double or triple the value of the bet on a win and when you lose during the progression, revert to your original bet value. Betting progression strategies do not change the 0.5% house edge that you can obtain when playing according to sound blackjack strategy. How to Win at Blackjack - Winning Tips for Playing Blackjack The betting strategies that you should ignore use your past performance to determine how you should bet. These strategies circulate in email spam and on gambling forums online, and indicate that increasing and decreasing your bets based on a win or a loss will mean you never lose at the blackjack table.

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While learning to play blackjack, you'll find the game has plenty of ups and downs, but learning the basics, like when to hit a 16 and when not to (hit when the dealer has a 7 or higher upYou'll need to vary your bet from one unit when the house has the edge, to four units as your edge increases. Blackjack Tips - Top 10 of tips to become a better... | Casino Bonus…