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Pele the volcano goddess is as renowned for her fiery passions as for the molten lava with which she creates new land.Like so much else in Hawaiian lore, Pele’s story is rich with layers of meaning. On the planetary scale, her journey allegorically traces the geological evolution of the islands themselves...

Pele Hawaiian Goddess slot machine by Konami Gaming, Inc.… Information and images for the slot machine: Pele Hawaiian Goddess released by Konami Gaming, Inc. in 2007.Pele Hawaiian Goddess © 2007 Konami. TECHNICAL INFORMATION.

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Pele - Goddess of Fire Pele, Hi'iaka and another sister, Laka, goddess of hula, were all patronesses of the dance, but Hi'iaka was said to have hatched from an egg that Pele kept warm during the long canoe ride to Hawai'i by transporting it in her armpit. After Hi'iaka grew to womanhood on the Big Island, Pele traveled in spirit form to the north

PELE – Hawaiian goddess. March 6, 2015. According to myth Pele is the goddess of fire, best known as ‘the volcano goddess’. Like most other deities who play the starring role in creation myths, Pele held both the power to create and to destroy.

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